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Reliable. Confident. Competent

Cadenberg* advises, represents and finds solutions in the areas of law, tax and business. We focus on you as an entrepreneur, your company and your family and provide you with comprehensive and seamless advice.

Legal. Fiscal. Business management.

Foundation & Start-up

Legal form - financing - planning - funding - organisation - location ... Cadenberg* advises you on all issues related to the setting up of a business.

Implementation of the Foundation

The formal foundation of a company: this is an important step on the way from the idea to the actual opening of the company. Cadenberg* advises you - legally, fiscally and economically

Financing & Funding

Start-up funding, subsidies or investors and credit institutions: these are just a few ways to finance your business.

Business Plan

The business plan: this is the central planning and controlling instrument for start-ups and ongoing business operations

Legal Form

Sole proprietorship, GmbH & Co. KG, GmbH, stock corporation or entrepreneurial company? Each legal form gives rise to personal, tax, financial and economic advantages and disadvantages.

Contracts & Legal Advice

Doing business requires certainty: Cadenberg* is at your disposal as a reliable partner for the drafting of contracts and advising on legal issues.

General commercial law

From the legally compliant structuring of supply and service relationships to dealing with competitors and representation in court proceedings; we support companies and entrepreneurs in every situation.


We support managers in protecting themselves and their companies from criminal and civil law risks, from dealing with competitors in compliance with antitrust law to money laundering issues.

Further Fields of Law

Cadenberg* also advises and assists in the following areas of law: Claims Management/Collection, Credit Law, Tenancy Law, Traffic Law, Competition Law


They say that in court and on the high seas you are in God's hands: nevertheless, a good captain is important. Cadenberg* represents you both in court and in arbitration proceedings. Our experience is your advantage.

Shareholder Disputes

Conflict advice and litigation - settlement or confrontation? Cadenberg* accompanies you in reducing the damaging economic consequences of shareholder disputes and ensures the chances for a successful outcome.

Articles of Association

From foundation and the ongoing management of the company to structural changes and up to the closure of the company, the partners of the Cadenberg Group are here to advise and support you.

Labour Law

With Cadenberg* you have competent partners to advise you throughout the entire human resources process from recruitment to dismissal.

Sales & Distribution Law

Whether you require cooperation or supply and sales contracts, general terms and conditions or advice relating to commercial agency law or trademark protection etc.: Cadenberg* advises you on all aspects of buying, selling and distribution.

Transformation & Restructuring

Are structural adjustments to your company necessary for legal, tax or economic reasons? Together with you, Cadenberg* develops concepts for long-term optimisation and realises such concepts with you.


So that 1 + 1 does not remain as two, but becomes one: When merging companies, we can help you to streamline structures, exploit synergies and unite corporate cultures.


Through a demerger, not only an organisational separation of the company, but also of its shareholders, can be achieved.

Change of Legal Form

A change in personal, fiscal, economic or legal conditions can make a change in legal form expedient. The individual advantages and disadvantages of such change of form have to be identified.

Dissolution & Termination

When formally closing or terminating a company, legal, tax and economic issues must be identified. Here it is important to develop and implement a conclusive and appropriate concept.


Insolvency does not necessarily lead to liquidation; it can also be used as an opportunity for reconstruction. In so-called protective shield proceedings, for example, a new beginning can be achieved with self-administration.

Dissolution of Companies

When a company exits from business, this is usually effected by dissolution, liquidation and deletion from the commercial register; there may however be more time- and cost-efficient alternatives.

Business Cessation

There are no successors? Or there are other reasons for discontinuing the business? A cessation of operations requires legal, fiscal and economic planning with foresight.

Taxes & Accounting / Annual Financial Statements

We cover all the classic areas performed by a tax advisor – from the preparation of tax returns and bookkeeping to compliance. In addition to administrative duties, we are also advisors on tax matters. We can take care of the formalities while you concentrate on your core business.

Transparency Register

The Transparency Register exists as an additional, fully-fledged register since 1 August 2021. Find out what this means for you and how you can act simply and cost-efficiently here.

Transfer Pricing Documentation

Cadenberg* advises and assists in the preparation of transfer pricing documentation, which serves as evidence of the arm's length nature of prices for contractual relationships between German and foreign companies.

Added Value: Tax Advice

We look beyond the tax declaration form and see ourselves as tax advisors adding value that goes beyond the mere fulfilment of legal obligations.

Annual Financial Statements

We can prepare your annual financial statements and compare current operating results with target figures and industry ratios in a timely manner. This creates real added value beyond the mere fulfilment of legal obligations.


Bookkeeping made easy! Cadenberg* automates processes, manages your receipts electronically and makes them available to you online. As a result, you will always have an overview of liquidity, receivables and liabilities.

Tax Return

It is good to know: Cadenberg* takes care of tax and accounting formalities for you while you can concentrate on other issues.

Transferring Wealth

Careful wealth planning can create wealth, achieve your goals and preserve your wealth for you, your family and future generations.

Securing Assets through a Foundation

Foundations serve to provide for families in a sustainable, lasting and cross generational manner or to pursue charitable goals. The aim is to preserve a life's work beyond death.

Transfer of Accounts & Securities

The transfer of accounts and securities can lead to the shifting of high value assets. Here, a legally secure, tax-optimised and economically-considered transfer is important.

Transfer of Real Estate

The transfer of real estate usually involves the transfer of high values, often accumulated over decades. Therefore, structuring, which is legally, fiscally and economically optimised is particularly important here.

Heirs and Inheritance

Memento Mori - Remember that you are mortal. Almost every fifth inheritance ends in a dispute, often in court. Clearly regulating your succession during your lifetime is a service to those who remain.

Consultation & management

Cadenberg* supports you in meeting entrepreneurial challenges and accompanies you throughout the entire project, from the idea to its realisation.

Executive Board & Management

Your managing director is suddenly absent at short notice? Projects are not being implemented with the focus desired? Cadenberg* advises on the selection of interim executives and supports in daily or project-related tasks.

Crisis Management & Rehabilitation

During a crisis various goals have to be pursued in parallel under high time pressure. As a reliable partner, Cadenberg* will help you to take the right steps first - quickly and in a focused manner.

Business Valuation

The value of a company is more than the sum of its assets: We show you what matters and how you can increase the value of your company. If you wish, we can also determine your company’s value according to standard industry procedures.

Financing & Participation

A secure financing is the basis for a stable business management. Whether a loan, factoring a participation or equity capital: Cadenberg* advises you on the form of financing.

Human Resources Management

The "who" is more important than the "what". Together with you, we develop flexible and comprehensive personnel management concepts for onboarding, staff development and offboarding.

Optimisation & Controlling

Together with you, we review processes, uncover weak points and eliminate these. Step by step you become better and remain better!

Planning & Analysis

The recognition of risks and the exploitation of opportunities requires the right planning and analysis: Cadenberg* supports you with your planning and implements the necessary measures with you to achieve your goals.

Company Succession & Takeover

Whether passing on a company within the family, selling it to a third party or handing it over to a competent member of your staff, Cadenberg* accompanies and advises you on all aspects of the corporate transaction.

Company Purchase

Founding, growth, expertise - there are many reasons for buying a company: Cadenberg* supports you in the search, valuation, negotiation and conclusion of the purchase agreement and beyond.

Passing on a Business

Putting a life's work safely in trusted hands. Despite the personal connection, company succession within the family often requires special sensitivity and creativity.

Selling a Company

Cadenberg* advises you on the sale of your company: together with you, we focus on your interests - legally, fiscally and economically. We protect the confidentiality of the transaction through an innovative sales process.

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