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Shareholder Disputes

“The aim of a conflict or a dispute should not be in victory but in progress.”

(Joseph Joubert)

When carrying on a business activity, conflicts sometimes cannot be avoided. The question is how to deal with conflicts and what resolution strategy to pursue.

In the case of conflicts among shareholders, an agreement, if necessary in the form of a compromise, is usually a good solution in the short or medium term. However, if the conflict threatens future constructive cooperation, we recommend the involvement of an impartial third party. Through an objective third party, different views can in the best case scenario be combined into a new, further view so that the conflict can be settled. If this also fails, exit strategies must be considered and negotiated.

Cadenberg* is at your side as a mediator and facilitator in conflict situations to work out solutions with you and your shareholders. If the conflict escalates, Cadenberg* will advise and represent you in out-of-court disputes and in court. Furthermore, we advise you on the economic and legal consequences following a separation of shareholders and work with you to develop solutions for the continuation or dissolution of the company.


  • Advice and representation in out-of-court disputes
  • Representation in civil court proceedings
  • Drafting and preparation of shareholders’ agreements

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