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Dissolution of Companies

To formally terminate a company, it is not sufficient to cease business operations. In fact, this is only the first step.

A dissolution of a company first requires a relevant resolution of the shareholders, which is regularly followed by the liquidation of the company. In this process, the company’s assets are liquidated and any liabilities are repaid. Subsequently (and after the expiry of the so-called blocking year), the remaining (cash) assets are distributed to the shareholders. Finally, the company is deleted from the commercial register.

In addition to dissolution and liquidation, the shareholders have the option of selling the company or merging it with another company that already exists. In this way, for example, the blocking year can be avoided.

Cadenberg Consult GmbH specialises, among other things, in the marketing of companies and parts thereof and is happy to assist you with the liquidation of the company assets. Cadenberg* also provides you with legal and tax support in the development and implementation of an optimal strategy for the liquidation and termination of your company.


  • Development and implementation of a strategy for the dissolution of the company
  • Support in the liquidation of the company’s assets
  • Completion of formalities for the dissolution of the business

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