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Planning & Analysis

Planning is a continuous process of corporate management

Strategic business planning is not only crucial when setting up a company, but should be continued on an ongoing basis in order to be able to react to opportunities and risks at an early stage.

A detailed analysis of the current situation is the basis of successful planning. It is advisable to have such an analysis of the company or individual part operations carried out by an external service provider; this is because the view of a third party opens up new perspectives.

Cadenberg* supports you in this process and develops suitable measures with you. Within the framework of structured, joint workshops, we take a comprehensive view of your company and develop moderated action plans. We then implement these together with you – legally, fiscally and in terms of business management.

One of Cadenberg*’s specialities is the development of easy-to-use, practical planning tools tailored to your needs. This enables you to plan better for the future, generate different scenarios and set up a controlling system that monitors and documents the planning process. Please contact us. We will find a solution for your future planning. You are also welcome to “rummage” in our “Toolbox” for answers to these questions. Perhaps you will find a tool there that will make your work easier.


  • Company, market and competition analyses
  • Provision and/or creation of tools for continuous analysis and monitoring of internal and external process chains
  • Conducting cooperative workshops and creating analyses with concrete recommendations for action
  • Together with you, we analyse the current state of the company or a specific company situation
  • Identification of opportunities and risks, strengths and weaknesses and development and implementation of corresponding measures
  • Carrying out potential analyses and developing future scenarios as well as corresponding action plans
  • Joint purpose and success-oriented implementation of the developed solutions, including legal, tax and business management support.

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