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Crisis Management & Rehabilitation

“Our failures are often more successful than our successes”.

(Henry Ford)

When a crisis occurs, it is important to act both quickly and in a planned manner. This is because the more time passes, the more urgently the right measures must be taken and the fewer alternative courses of action are available. A company crisis may have a wide variety of causes. What they all have in common, however, is that the earlier a reorganisation management is established, the better the chances of averting the crisis. BUT a crisis also always offers an opportunity to break up old, entrenched structures, eliminate unprofitable divisions or open up new areas.

The first step in a crisis is to conduct a so-called crisis analysis to identify the causes and the depth of the crisis. Then it has to be assessed whether a restructuring is still feasible at all or whether the crisis can be overcome within the framework of a planned insolvency. In the next steps, measures are identified to counteract the crisis and to start a reorganisation. This is where Cadenberg* provides advice and support and stands by your side quickly and in a focused manner.


  • Consulting and documentation
  • Crisis analysis and crisis assessment to identify causes and implications
  • Definition and implementation of remedial measures such as:
    • Development and implementation of measures to avert the crisis
    • Communication with employees, customers and suppliers
    • Support in and conduct of negotiations with suppliers, customers, employees, investors and credit institutions for short-term interim financing or long-term refinancing
    • Preparation of going-concern forecasts in accordance with IDW S6
  • Advice and support in the initiation and implementation of insolvency proceedings
  • Development of financing and investment options

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