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Business Valuation

„It is not difficult to make decisions when you know your values.“

(Roy Disney)

For certain projects, be it for the tax office, for investors or for the shareholders themselves, the value of the company is not to be determined from actual purchase prices, but by a theoretical calculation procedure.

There are a multitude of company valuation methods based on a wide variety of business ratios, some of which lead to very differing results. Cadenberg* advises on suitable valuation procedures, carries out the relevant calculations and prepares valuation reports for judicial and extrajudicial purposes.


Cadenberg* prepares company valuations in accordance with the so-called IDW S1 standard (Standard of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany for the valuation of companies) for all valuation purposes:

  • Presentation of company values to tax authorities (e.g. in the case of contributions and asset transfers, in particular for the purposes of inheritance and gift tax)
  • Determination of company values in the event of the dissolution of shareholders
  • Determination of company values for claims for equalisation of gains (here the valuation is carried out according to the IDW S13 method)
  • Expert opinions before German courts
  • Within our network, company valuations can also be prepared with an auditor’s certificate.


In addition to the IDW S1 standard, a large number of alternative valuation methods are used in practice. In particular, other valuation methods result from statements issued by professional organisations and professional associations.

  • Cadenberg* advises on the selection of alternative methods and analyses the advantages and disadvantages for each specific case.
  • Cadenberg* will prepare the company valuation for you according to the method you request.

Within our network, these company valuations can also be prepared with an auditor’s certificate.


  • Company valuations according to the IDW S1 standard
  • Company valuations according to alternative valuation methods

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