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Compliance means conduct in conformity with the rules. Anyone who manages a company is obliged to ensure that the company complies with the relevant legal standards. Violations of criminal, antitrust or export control regulations, for example, not only result in high fines that threaten the company’s existence. There are also serious criminal and civil liability risks that can also affect members of the management. Compliance measures serve to prevent violations of the law and thus to protect the company and the members of the management.

Not every company needs a comprehensive compliance management system. But every company must take effective measures to prevent legal violations – depending on the respective risk profile. Cadenberg* provides support in this regard.

Cadenberg* advises on individual issues in connection with compliance; Cadenberg*’s services include, for example:

  • Advice on how to deal with competitors, suppliers and customers in compliance with anti-trust law
  • Support in the implementation of measures to prevent criminal offences and misdemeanours by employees
  • Advice on the requirements of the Money Laundering Act
  • Support in dealing with the Supply Chain Act, on export control and insider law

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